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Interested in learning more?
Adult CPR Quick Reference Guide:

Assess the person:  Check the scene for safety - Tap & Shout "Are you okay?"

If no response:
Have someone call 911 (EMS), if alone go call 911 and then return.

Open Airway (Head Tilt, Chin Lift)
Look, Listen and Feel for breathing (5-10 seconds)

If no breaths:
Give 30 Compressions (place heel of one hand on center of chest, place heel of second hand on top of first hand).  Using body weight push hard 2 to 2.4 inches into chest.  Push fast at a rate of 100-120 times per minute.  Allow chest to fully rebound.

Give 2 Rescue breaths (tilt head, lift chin to establish open airway).  Make chest visibly rise with each breath.  Take a fresh breath between breaths.

Repeat Cycles:
30 Compressions, 2 Breaths
If someone else trained in CPR is available to help, switch approximately every two minutes.

If you are unable to give rescue breaths, compression only is an acceptable method of providing CPR for adults.  If you suspect cardiac arrest, heart attack, viewed the person collapse, uncomfortable placing your mouth on their mouth or not trained, provide compressions only until EMS arrives to take over.  

"Doing something is better than nothing, give compressions."

When AED arrives:
Turn on immediately and follow voice commands.

Don't stop!  Continue until another provider or EMS personnel arrive to help, the person clearly shows signs of life, a hazard exists or you are too tired to continue.

If you would like to learn more or practice hands-on skills, contact our office.

The more you know could save a life!